Monday, November 5, 2012

Why I Cannot Vote for Obama

Romney certainly isn't my top choice, but Obama isn't even a possibility for me. Obama strong-arms states who refuse to fund planned parenthood. (1) He smuggled guns across the border to create a gun problem to impose tighter gun restrictions. (2) Obama Care is becoming our worst nightmare. (3) Today my family just received notice that our deductions will be doubled, thanks to Obama Care. Obama has appealed to human dignity in politics and the public square, only to falter in those special occasions when he could have made a real difference, but he was either too afraid to reach across the isle with an outstretched hand or he just plain didn't care. (4) He ran on an anti-Bush campaign only to move troops from Iraq to Afghanistan and now we've forgotten all about Guantanamo Bay. It has been said that he has only recently changed his position in favor of homosexual marriage, but his official 2008 platform was to repeal The Defense of Marriage Act, straight and simple. Once in office Obama rejected it as a national law and did his best to have it abolished. (5) Because of the one failed green energy handout to what is formerly known as Solyndra, every US citizen immediately inherited an additional 2 million dollars debt EACH. People complain about how Romney is a Mormon, when they have evidently forgotten that Obama has talks out of both sides of his mouth, claiming to be a Christian and a Muslim. The truth is, Obama's Christian heritage is that of Black Liberation Theology which is closely associated with the Nation of Islam, both of which are racially driven in anti-white supremacy. Four of our Supreme Court justices are at least seventy-four years old and will be all the more likely to vacate their seats during their next term of office. If you have seen how the various decisions have been narrowly split over the years (such as the Boy Scouts being allowed to retain their right as a private club to determine who they think should be allowed to be leaders of impressionable young boys in a vote of 5 to 4), then you know how important it is to keep Obama out of office. Obama does not prioritize the religious beliefs of individuals, churches or private organizations. His recent mandate that every single employer will have to pay for medical procedures even if it is against their conscience and religious beliefs is evidence enough of this. (6)





5. Attorneys General, Edwin Meese and John Ashcroft, called the DOJ's decision not to defend DOMA section 3 "an unprecedented and ill-advised departure from over two centuries of Executive Branch practice" and "an extreme and unprecedented deviation from the historical norm".

6. Catholic Hospitals vs. Obamacare:

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